The Pros and Cons of Live Music at a Wedding

Music plays such an integral part of any wedding day. From the ceremonial songs to the party – starting tracks, there will likely be a range of different musical numbers you will want to feature. But with so many different methods of delivery, it can be hard to know just how you want this music to be played.

Hiring a musician to perform live at your wedding provides a truly authentic and unique experience for you and your guests. But this approach may not be suited to everyone’s preferences, so in this post we will explore both a list of pros and cons of having live music as part of your wedding day itinerary.

The Pros Of Live Music

Bands can provide a tailored experience

There is something special about having a live musician at your wedding. The atmosphere created by the sound of a live instrument being played is unmatched, and will add to the overall ambiance of your big day. This atmosphere can set the perfect tone for any ceremony or reception, and bring a real sense of sophistication to the event.

Hiring a band that specialises in your favourite genre will make the performance that much more meaningful and memorable. You could even request they put their own spin on some classic song requests from other genres that your guests may be more familiar with, which will only add to the uniqueness of the performance.

Hiring a live band to perform at your wedding can create one of the most memorable moments of the day. Live music brings an energy that no recorded music can match and allows you to tailor the performance to your exact needs. Whether you choose a band specialising in classical, jazz, pop or rock music, a live performance will always be more meaningful and memorable than simply playing songs off a playlist.

A great cover band will also bring a wide range of music and song choices you can choose from, to elevate your wedding entertainment and cater for a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether it’s your wedding ceremony or wedding reception, good quality live musicians should also be able to offer you a range of song selections and perform some of your favorite songs. 

A Live Band will keep everyone entertained

Often, a DJ’s job is to get as many people to fill out the dancefloor as possible. However, not everyone will be feeling like dancing, and this type of entertainment can leave certain guests feeling excluded. Live music is an increasingly popular choice for many brides and grooms when it comes to entertainment at their wedding. Whether it’s a string quartet, a jazz band or a full-blown orchestra, there is nothing that compares to the experience of live music by a professional musician.

While weddings are synonymous with dancing, not everyone may be busting a move all night. But fear not! Even if you’re taking a break from twirling around, the band will still be putting on a show for you to sit back and soak up all the reception goodness. With a live performance, you don’t have to be up on your feet to enjoy the music. A great live band should be able to perform a variety of music to suit the type of wedding you’re planning whilst still providing an unforgettable experience. For anyone who doesn’t want to dance the night away, your wedding guests can still be thoroughly entertained by the special sounds of a live performance no matter what type of event you have in mind. 

Live Music at a wedding can set the mood

Once you’ve thought carefully about the theme and general ambience you want to achieve at your wedding, you can perfectly align this with your musical choices throughout the day. Looking for romantic elegance during the ceremony? Hire an acoustic duo to serenade you in the aisle. Looking for a rocking Dance Floor all night? A full Band will keep guests energised and partying all night long.
Live music can add elegance and ambiance to weddings that guests won’t soon forget. With a variety of instruments in one band, you can also create a unique sound that no pre-recorded music can give your celebration. There is no better way to energise a room than with the help of live performers.

Since band members each have their own personality, guests will be engaged as they play. A good band should be able to adapt to the mood and needs of guests, so the musicians can interact with the guests and share some of their infectious energy! Live music at a wedding can be a great way to make the atmosphere more vibrant and entertaining. One of the major pros of having live music at a wedding is that it adds a personal touch to the celebration.

The cons of Live Music at a Wedding

The cost

As reported in this guide to sustainable weddings, roughly 10% of the average couple’s wedding budget will be spent on entertainment. More often than not, you can expect to pay a little more to have a live band or musician perform at your wedding than you would for a DJ or some of your other wedding vendors. According to research conducted by WeddingWire, the average wedding band costs couples $4,500 (just overAU$8,000), but this figure largely depends on a number of factors including location and the time of year.

Many couples will feel that it’s worth allocating a little more of their budget to the music in order to have this bespoke experience, so think carefully about whether or not it’s right for you, and always shop around for the best options. Alternatively ask your band for some alternative package options to suit your budget. Most bands can provide you with an affordable option if you’re working with a tight budget.

Needing adequate space for a Live Band

Another factor you must consider when exploring your musical options is the space you have available at the venue. While a DJ will still need some equipment, live bands will invariably require more space to set up and perform. So if you’ve booked an intimate, cosy venue, you will have to consider how much room a live band will take up. Of course, you could alternatively opt for just a
solo musician – a perfect approach if it’s an intimate vibe you’re looking for.

Is it worth having live music at your wedding?

In summary, the pros and cons of having live music at a wedding are dependent on the couple’s budget, the size of their venue, and their personal preference. Despite being more costly than DJs, there is no denying that a live performance can add something extra special to your big day. If you’re looking for something unique and bespoke, then this should be your musical option of choice.

In conclusion, live music can be a great addition to your wedding day, but it’s important to consider all the pros and cons before committing. Be sure to shop around for the best options for your budget and venue size, and explore different musical styles available so you can make the most of your special day!

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