Live Music during COVID-19

Live Music during COVID-19

With the current social distancing measures across Sydney and Australia, all events and public gatherings have been impacted in way or another.

Whilst events are still permitted, most employees are still working from home. Opportunities are limited right now for our clients to connect with each other while working in isolation. Our solution?

A live, virtual gig, exclusively for you

We have been offering live music through virtual performances since March 2020, and we are delighted to announce that our performances have been a huge success! We’ve performed for clients such as Lend Lease, Breville, Prospa, and MWAH (Making Work Absolutely Human).

We’ve loved delivering this initiative for our clients: providing live entertainment during virtual meetings or “friday-night-drinks”. It’s being very well received by our clients as a way of motivating and inspiring the well-being of remote-working staff.

Awesome virtual gig performed by Duke on Friday evening for the Prospa crew! Their talent, energy and sense of fun was well received and was a welcomed positive relief for everyone who is doing all they can to get through this crisis. Highly recommend a virtual gig performed by these amazing entertainers during Covid-19 isolation, then again in person once we’re all back together again. Thank you Josie and Tim – your talent can withstand anything! 

Dean McAuley – Prospa

They put on a virtual concert today for MWAH and it was awesome. Such great energy and creativity thank you both!

Cathy Grant

How does it happen?

Usually it features a 60min or so performance that is hosted by our Client online via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or similar, and our we dial-in and perform live for guests to enjoy. It’s interactive and exciting and something very different to change-up the usual work-from-home routine.

To make virtual performances a reality, you will need:

  1. A stable internet connection
  2. Speakers – awesome speakers
  3. A platform where you and your team connect and we can dial-in.. Zoom, or Microsoft Teams work really well!

That’s all. On our end, we’ll make sure the audio is top-notch so that your experience is reflected, despite it being delivered virtually.

Want to know more?

Schedule a call with us and we will happily walk you through how to make virtual performances work for you and your team. Or phone us on (02) 8283 7348 or contact us via our contact form.